Aug 16 2023

4 Reasons to Become a Police Officer


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Policing is one of the most controversial positions in the U.S. right now. Many people around the country don’t trust their local police officers as much as they used to. With the social media era allowing citizens to capture police officers abusing their power, the world has gotten to see things about the police they never used to.


Being a police officer is still an important job, though, and with the correct changes from within it has a chance to be restored as one of the country’s most esteemed jobs. New police officers can try to bring new blood to the profession. This is just one reason to become a police officer. We’ll also talk about several other reasons to join the police force. 


Police officer life insurance is available for many officers around the country through their employers. Becoming a police officer is also one of the jobs you don’t need to go to college for, yet it still pays a decent amount of money. These are two of the reasons why becoming an officer is a good idea.

#1 – You Can Save People

One of the purposes of policing is to make sure the community is safe and secure from danger and criminal activity. Police officers are typically at the scene of a threat, no matter whether it’s a gunman in a school or a car crash on a highway. Police are supposed to help calm down the situation and figure out who’s responsible for the incident. 


If the job is done correctly and with good intentions, policing is very rewarding. Most other jobs don’t allow you to impact people’s lives so directly. Service jobs like teaching, firefighting, and medical work also present some of these same opportunities to contribute to the community and the people in need around the area.


Being a police officer requires you to put others before yourself. Not everyone can do this, so it’s a job with heavy responsibilities. People shouldn’t go into policing unless they know they’re passionate about affecting others in a positive light. Saving lives is a tough task, but one the world needs more people to plunge into. 


If you’re scared to become a police officer because of the dangers of the profession, talk to other police in your area about your concerns to see whether the job is right for you. Don’t force yourself to do something like policing if it doesn’t feel right.

#2 – You Get to Fight the System From Within

There’s been a lot of widely-publicized incidents in recent years involving police brutality. A lot of these examples have been magnified due to the police officers being White and the victims of the brutality being Black. The cases of George Floyd, Mannuel Ellis, Breonna Taylor, Atatiana Jefferson, and Stephon Clark are just a few of the recent ones in this discussion.



When you become a police officer, it’s your responsibility to actively fight against racism in your department. Not all police are bad people, but the system of policing has been shown to be racist at times for decades now. Social media has helped to heighten the discourse around police behavior. 


Trying to fight a corrupt system isn’t a burden one single person can shoulder on their own, but it’s certainly an exciting position to be in as a new police officer. Being the change you want to see is great motivation in life and your career. 


Police officers should try to make an effort to engage with vulnerable people in their communities and treat them with respect. If new officers are passionate about changing the behavior of their department, this will go a long way towards making the profession one that is more respected around the country. 

#3 – Life Insurance, Retirement Benefits, and Auto Insurance Are Good

Policing is usually a public service or government job. This means you receive numerous benefits from the federal government such as life insurance and retirement. Other service jobs like firefighting and teaching are similar in this way. Anytime you work for the government, you can expect some form of a benefits package.


Not all police employers will offer full life insurance benefits. If you don’t receive life insurance from your employer, you’ll have to look into a private policy. This may make your rates slightly higher because private companies view policing as a semi-dangerous job. Dying in the line of duty is a possibility, therefore life insurance companies might view police as a risk.


If you’re part of a group life insurance policy from the police department, you can expect good rates. Always take advantage of group life insurance opportunities from your employer since some private employers don’t offer them.


Another benefit of policing is many departments offer a pension plan for their employees. This means police officers can expect to have a decent-sized pension when they retire. 


Auto insurance premiums are also sometimes cheaper for police officers. Police who have clean driving records will look attractive to insurers because they drive so much on the job. 

#4 – You Often Don’t Need a College Education

Becoming a police officer is a job you often don’t need a college degree for. Some police departments are starting to put in college requirements, like the Seattle Police Department, but others still just want a high school diploma from their applicants. This makes policing a great job for those who can’t afford to go to college after high school.


Police officers should take their training very seriously, though. Most departments will have a several-week or month training program and this is where new officers need to learn about all of the major responsibilities of the job. Lean on your colleagues for advice and tips during the training. 


Policing isn’t a remote job you can do at your own leisure. Working as a police officer is a serious occupation, and it’s one that has been tied to a lot of bad stigmas as of late. This doesn’t have to deter you from joining the force. Good benefits, decent wages, and a chance to save vulnerable people in your community are all great reasons to become a police officer.

Shawn Laib writes and researches for the insurance comparison site, ExpertInsuranceReviews.com. He wants to help people decide whether being a police officer is right for them. 

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