Jul 03 2022

Best 5 Robotic Courses for Beginners

Tony Hanson


Our lives are now easier than ever thanks to robotics. Almost every industry depends in some way on robotics. New discoveries and inventions are made every day, and robotics are also going to be involved. As a result,  demand for robotic engineers grows exponentially. If you want to become a robotics engineer, you need to take the right study programs which save your time and effort. Based on our experience, we'll highlight the top 5 online courses which are very useful for the robotics career.


1- Course for Beginner: Fun with LEGO for Robotics

This is a two-hour introductory robotics course. This course is unique from others since it is designed to be "hands-on" and "learning-by-doing." Another unique feature is that new programming concepts are only introduced when the robot actually needs them. After completing this course, you will have had fun building more than one small robot. Most interestingly, you will learn how to teach your Robot to do what you want it to do, using the programming language EV3-G.


2- Robotics Operating System (ROS) for Beginners:

This course attracts more than 16000 students and 3600 students voted 5 stars. It is designed for: 1)  Anyone who want to know about the basic concepts of ROS and curious about robotics; 2) Students at Universities learning ROS; 3) Beginner ROS developers and users; 4) Whoever wants to learn ROS without wasting time

After completing this course the learners can 

1) Understand the ROS Ecosystem (topics, nodes, messages, services, actionlib)

2) Create basic robot motion control software.

3) Recognize how ROS represents a position and orientation.

4) Understand how to build a C++/Python ROS project.

5) Create basic computer vision applications using OpenCV and ROS.


3- Electricity & electronics - Robotics, learn by building

There are about 26,000 students enrolled and more than 2,100 five star ratings, students aged 8 to 60+ have enjoyed the course and projects. After studying this course, you will develop and build analog electronics circuits. Further, you will build multiple circuits from sound buzzers to bionics where we actually control a servo motor by reading signals from your muscles


4- Introduction to Robotics – MIT Open Courseware

One of those free robotics courses with all the information required to succeed as a robotics engineer is this one. This course covers all the key principles of robotics, including dynamics, embedded software, motion planning, dynamics, and intelligent controls.


5- Arduino Step by Step: Getting Started

There are about 35000 students studying this course and 6000 voted for 5 stars. After learning this course, you are able to master skills and techniques as follows:

      • Build simple circuits around the Arduino Uno, that implement simple functions.

      • Write simple Arduino sketches that can get sensor reading, make LEDs blink, write text on an LCD screen, read the position of a potentiometer, and much more.

      • Understand what is the Arduino.

      • Understand what is prototyping.

      • Understand analog and digital inputs and outputs

      • Understand the ways by which the Arduino can communicate with other devices

      • Use the multimeter to measure voltage, current, resistance and continuity

      • Use protoboards to make projects permanent

      • be productive with the Arduino IDE, write, compile and upload sketches, install libraries

      • Understand what is Arduino programming, it's basic concepts, structures, and keywords

      • Detect and measure visible light, color, and ultraviolet light

      • Measure temperature, humidity and acceleration

      • Measure the distance between the sensor and an object in front of it

      • Detect a person entering a room

      • Detect a noise

      • Make noise and play music

      • Display text on a liquid crystal display

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