Aug 31 2022

2022-2023 Best Tools For Kids in STEM Education

Eric Larson


1- Devastator Tank Mobile Robot Platform (Metal DC Gear Motor)

The Devastator tank mobile robot platform is constructed from high strength aluminium alloy and is extremely solid and durable. Due to the popularity of this platform we have released a new and improved version 2 that includes the following features:

  • New body shape for easy construction and to accommodate more modules
  • Modular wiring – no soldering iron needed!
  • Upgraded V1’s plastic motors to durable and robust metal gear motors
  • Improved speed and torque
  • Increased load capacity from 1.5kg to 3kg
  • High performance suspension to navigate the toughest terrains

This robot Kit includes detailed assembly instructions. 

The robot platform has multiple mounting holes that allow users to add various sensors, servos, turntables and controllers. The platform is fully compatible with popular microcontrollers on the market, such as Romeo All-in-one arduino board, Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+, Intel Edison, Lattepanda, etc.

 You can find more information at this website.


2- MindPlus Coding Kit for Arduino

As parents, you may have heard a lot about the benefits for kids to learn coding.

And preparing a set of suitable tools is also a key point for helping them learn the basics of coding and train programming skills. This MindPlus Coding Kit for Arduino would be an excellent choice for your kids.

It comes with an Arduino Uno R3 mainboard and a sensor expansion board V7, and 18 commonly used sensors and actuators.

These sensors are equipped with easy-to-connect Gravity interfaces, which allow kids to convert their creative ideas into reality in a convenient and fast way. Moreover, the kit supports Mind+ and Arduino IDE programming. For kids with less coding experience, Mind+ is highly recommended since they can drag and snap graphical blocks on it to program(like Scratch) and then see the actual codes to further understand computer language.

You can find more information at this website.

3- Study Pack of HUSKYLENS for micro:bit

The Study Pack of HuskyLens for micro:bit is a great partner for the AI Vision Smart Sensor - HuskyLens. Based on micro:bit programming, it aims to extend the capabilities of HuskyLens and help students learn knowledge related to AI image recognition in an enjoyable and engaging way.

The extension kit is designed for users to better understand the eight functions of HuskyLens. The kit contains “Face cards”for face recognition project, “Color cards” for color recognition learning, and “Barcode cards” for studying lessons like self-service checkout. Besides, it also comes with cards of other types like animals, plants, QR codes, objects, gestures, etc.

Besides the cards we mentioned above, the kit also includes 7 external modules. For instance, the servo can be used in face unlocking project, RGB LED strip for color recognition, and voice recorder module for sound-related project.

The tutorial consists of 12 chapters with about 2 projects included in one chapter, in which students will explore how the AI Image Recognition technology is applied in everyday life by projects like face unlocking, AI camera, pet feeding, self-service checkout, target tracking, etc.


You can find it here


4- BOSON Science Kit

Boson science kit is a set of digitalized scientific exploration tools for a young scientist to build their hands-on STEM lab. Boson science kit brings kids:

8 scientific sensors for physics, chemistry, and biology.

Activity cards that guide kids to start a scientific exploration on 8 different topics.

Plug and play LED monitor for instant result display.

Infinite possibilities of combining the sensors with micro: bit, Arduino, and other Boson modules.


Boson science kit includes 8 sensors that are most widely used in modern IoT applications, all built with industrial standards. Unlike traditional science kits, Boson scientific sensors output an instant and accurate result in the form of electric signals. Setting up the device is extremely easy, and all the sensors can be used repetitively.

The measurement can be read directly from the display module. Moreover, you can connect other Boson modules to create an automatic device, or use a micro: bit/Arduino to record the data and even upload it to a cloud server.



More information about this product can be found at this link.



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