ANYbotics and Cognite Partner to Provide Integrated Robotics Inspection Solution

January 29, 2024

Zurich~Oslo, 29 January 2024 – ANYbotics and Cognite partner to provide a comprehensive, integrated robotics inspection solution. Combining the capabilities of ANYmal or ANYmal X and Cognite Data Fusion® facilitates using complex industrial data for operational excellence. — Satschin Bansal, Global VP Strategic Alliances & Partnerships, ANYboticsANYmal, ANYbotics’ end-to-end inspection robotics solution, is a robust, autonomous, agile inspection solution with ready-to-go high-quality sensors. The ANYmal – Cognite Data Fusion® architecture ensures streamlined industrial data. By connecting ANYmal to other, contextualized, operational data using Cognite Data Fusion® and the ANYmal API, industrial organizations can better use their data and robots.

The source of this news is from ANY Botics

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