ANYbotics Celebrates 100th ANYmal Milestone

December 24, 2023

We at ANYbotics celebrate our latest milestone: The production of our 100th ANYmal robot, a unique golden-bodied edition. The recipient of this special ANYmal was DSM-Firmenich, who didn’t expect an ANYmal in a golden robe…At ANYbotics, we are proud to mark a significant chapter with producing the 100th ANYmal robot. After assembly, the ANYmal #100, like all ANYmal robots, was subjected to an extensive test program. Improve Worker Safety & Productivity with Autonomous RobotsThe production and delivery of our 100th ANYmal robot is more than just a milestone for ANYbotics. As the industry evolves, the demand for advanced robotic solutions grows, making the 100th ANYmal a symbol of progress and innovation.

The source of this news is from ANY Botics

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