ANYmal Product Update October 2023

October 28, 2023

Safe Mobility in Industrial Terrain with Enhanced PerceptionANYbotics has enhanced ANYmal’s near-field perception, enabling more detailed and faster detection of terrain structures, various 3D layers, and moving obstacles. These capabilities are used to update locomotion models during training in simulation, which are applied to the physical robot. Key Features Enhanced 3D spatial mapping for faster recognition of static and dynamic obstaclesSafe mobility on challenging terrain, such as grated, open-riser stairsANYmal’s industrial-grade perception provides upgraded 3D spatial mapping. Starting in 2024, the LTE Accessory will be integrated into all ANYmal units and available for earlier models through a simple upgrade process. Operators within the Workforce platform can connect to remote ANYmals for monitoring and control during hazardous or non-routine operations, allowing remote task completion using ANYmal’s capabilities.

The source of this news is from ANY Botics