ANYmal X Tested for Autonomous Robot Inspections in Ex-zones at BASF

September 15, 2023

ANYmal X demonstrates its capabilities for extending robotic inspection into Ex-environments (Zone 1) that haven’t been accessible for this technology before. ANYmal X Advances Automated Routine Inspection in Ex-zonesBASF recently tested ANYmal X at the Ludwigshafen site as part of their legged inspection robot evaluation program. This is one of the first ANYmal X deployments in the chemical industry and builds on previous ANYbotics – BASF collaboration. As the world’s only Ex-proof, legged robot, ANYmal X, is significantly extending the application areas of this technology. ANYmal X visually inspects liquid levels, values displayed on gauges and positions of levers.

The source of this news is from ANY Botics

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