#Blog: 3 Ways the VoloIQ Will Help Our UAM Ecosystem Soar

August 08, 2022

Safety firstEnsuring all the relevant safety aspects have been taken into account in our designs allows us to get the innovative and workable concept that is our entire UAM ecosystem (in both its physical and digital iterations) off the ground. Specifically, they’re focusing on aspects such as bird detection, drone and other airborne obstacle identification, real-time weather forecasts, and ensuring sufficient battery power. This is because our design comprises real-time digital twins of the Volocopter aircraft and our target airspace, which will initially take the form of dedicated flight corridors. We aim to optimize situational awareness and improve safety via such features as weather sensing and nowcasting. What’s more, the VoloIQ will also enhance connectivity services and ensure high-performance computing across the board – we certainly can’t wait!

The source of this news is from Volocopter

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