BRINC Announces Its Unified Drone Operations Platform: LiveOps

March 21, 2024

BRINC LiveOps integrates live streaming, two-way communications, fleet, and evidence management into a single platform designed to help first responders. SEATTLE, WA – March 21, 2024 – BRINC, an American developer of technology in the service of public safety, introduces BRINC LiveOps. The LiveOps software platform – accessible on any modern browser – enhances coordination, efficiency, and effectiveness in public safety drone operations. BRINC Vault Evidence & Data StorageLiveOps serves as a definitive post-mission repository for flight logs and evidence storage. “BRINC LiveOps will become a critical platform for public safety agencies nationwide as it uniquely integrates deep hardware features into a unified platform.” said Don Redmond , VP of Advanced Public Safety Projects at BRINC.

The source of this news is from BRINC