E30Z Zoom Camera For YUNEEC H520 – Yuneec

December 14, 2022

30x optical zoom with autofocusThe YUNEEC E30Z comes equipped with a 30x optical zoom, which can be further enhanced by 6x digital zoom. Specific camera settings such as photography modes or white balance can be adjusted using the ST16S controller’s integrated touch screen. Precise 3-axis gimbal with 360° rotationWhen using the zoom function of the E30Z, the stabilization of the camera plays a particularly important role. Professional application possibilities with the YUNEEC H520In combination with the YUNEEC H520 Hexacopter, the E30Z is suitable for a variety of applications. Thanks to its modular design, the drone can also be equipped with other cameras such as a thermal imaging camera, so the user always remains flexible with its H520.

The source of this news is from Yuneec

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