Expanding Access to Hands-Free Driving

November 12, 2022

Expanding Access to Hands-Free DrivingBackGM is committed to expanding access to advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), bringing these technologies to more vehicles on more roads, while prioritizing safe deployment. We want to help our customers expand their driving experience with these systems, which is why we’re laser-focused on testing, validating and improving our ADAS technologies to provide our customers with advanced features and systems — like the industry’s first true hands-free advanced driver assistance system, Super Cruise. A key piece of Super Cruise’s1 accessibility is its road network, the compatible mapped highways where customers can engage the hands-free system. In August 2022, the company announced plans to double the Super Cruise road network to more than 400,000 miles (644,000 kilometres) of roads in the U.S. and Canada on select vehicles2. Before Super Cruise expansion After Super Cruise expansionThe first vehicles to receive this expansion will be full-size SUVs built on Oct. 3, 2022 or later, arriving in customers’ hands starting in mid-November 2022.

The source of this news is from General Motor

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