FAA Remote ID H520 and H520E Compliance – Yuneec

May 17, 2023

Yuneec continues to invest in the H520E unmanned aerial vehicle platform with the release of the H520E and H520E-RTK late last year with its extended range, higher processing power, and RTK. “Our H520 will be upgradable through a software update making use of its WiFi radio to comply with the FAA Remote ID rules released earlier this year. The H520E and H520E-RTK will also have a software update and require a module added to its radio which will be field upgradeable. In all cases, there will be no charge to upgrade our solutions.”, said Liming Liu Senior Product Manager at Yuneec. This allows the H520E platform to work when you do and for a single investment.

The source of this news is from Yuneec

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