Find GMP in Life Sciences with Augmented Reality

May 25, 2023

Since no software can be GMP compliant or bear a GMP compliant certificate, the responsibility of being and proving GMP compliance to regulatory bodies in the event of an audit falls on manufacturers. Vuforia® Expert Capture™, the most popular Rockwell Automation AR solution, is now GMP compliant and tailored for the Life Sciences industry. With added features, capabilities and compliance documents, this AR platform streamlines the process of proving GMP compliance for manufacturers. Process: The teams responsible for developing, testing, deploying and maintaining Vuforia Expert Capture must do so while following approved SOPs, plans and policies. Validation: Providing customers with a Cloud Assurance certificate through a partnership with USDM Life Sciences that primarily consists of testing and documentation to deliver system functionality critical to GMP compliance, working to specifications.

The source of this news is from Rockwell Automation

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