First ANYbotics Reseller Summit Drives Global Inspection Transformation

January 22, 2024

January 22, 2024 – Zurich The ANYbotics Reseller Partner Summit, recently held in Zurich, brought together 25 participants from 8 countries for a three-day immersive experience. The goal was to deepen collaboration and equip global reseller partners with tools for joint market success in 2024. By incorporating ANYmal robotic inspection technology into their portfolios, the expanding ANYbotics reseller partner network is transforming industrial inspections worldwide. The first ANYbotics Reseller Partner Summit occurred from January 15 – 17, 2024, at the ANYbotics headquarters in Zurich. Networking sessions facilitated relationship building between ANYbotics and its global reseller partners to ensure a successful 2024.

The source of this news is from ANY Botics