Five Considerations for a Zero Trust Architecture

June 22, 2022

Zero Trust isn’t a cybersecurity solution in and of itself, but implementing a Zero Trust architecture will help mitigate and ultimately lower the number of successful cybersecurity attacks your organization might otherwise endure, greatly reducing operational and financial risk. Today, Zero Trust takes a “trust nothing unless it can be verified in multiple ways” approach to security. If you’re considering implementing a Zero Trust model in your organization and want to better understand how to get started, John Kindervag, the creator of Zero Trust, outlines these five practical steps. Step 3: Architect a Zero Trust environmentKeep in mind: no single product delivers a complete Zero Trust architecture. Learn more about how Rockwell Automation can help you create and maintain a Zero Trust architecture today – contact Rockwell Automation now to schedule an expert consultation.

The source of this news is from Rockwell Automation