Improving the ANYbotics Workforce Experience

February 17, 2023

Release 23.02 – Improving the ANYbotics Workforce ExperienceNew FeaturesANYbotics Workfo rceWe have introduced new ANYbotics Workforce features to further simplify and accelerate mission setup and deployment of ANYmal. During setup Operators can now select and edit Environment Objects from ANYbotics Workforce, enabling them to make corrections or update pre-populated Environment Objects while in the field. You can configure this in both ANYbotics Workforce and the Operator GUI. The protective stop can be released via ANYbotics Workforce or through the Operator GUI. Workflow ChangesANYbotics WorkforceThe status bar in ANYbotics Workforce has been updated to now always flash yellow when an obstacle is detected.

The source of this news is from ANY Botics