MAN and ABB E-mobility rev up for the next phase of electromobility in long-haul trucking

May 16, 2022

MAN and ABB E-mobility are thus revving up for the next phase of electromobility: operational capability for heavy-duty long-haul trucking with daily ranges between 600 and 800 kilometers. At ABB E-mobility we have been working on developing the corresponding performance standards for many years. ABB E-mobility is the ideal provider to take on these challenges, as we can significantly accelerate research and development based on our existing technologies. In the past, such development phases have often taken much longer," said Frank Mühlon, CEO of ABB E-mobility. Two high-performance charging points with megawatt charging systems (MCS) are being built at four locations along the A2 federal highway.

The source of this news is from ABB

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