Non-Military Use of Autel Robotics Products Statement-Autel Robotics

June 26, 2023

Export compliance is critical to the businesses of Autel Robotics Co., Ltd. and its holding or controlled subsidiaries and affiliated entities (hereinafter referred to as "Autel Robotics"). Autel Robotics strictly controls products and technologies, prohibits the unauthorized export or transfer of controlled products and technologies, and prohibits the use of products for military purposes and monitoring or other human rights violations. Autel Robotics conducts strict blacklist scans of customers, freight forwarders, and employees; conducting detailed due diligence on any potential partners furthermore. If, under any condition, Autel Robotics finds a potential partner is in violation of compliance or bears risk in doing so, Autel Robotics firmly refuses to cooperate. Military use is not the original intention of Autel Robotics' product design.

The source of this news is from Autel Robotics