Omron Advances Panel Solutions with MY-GS-R Industrial Plug-in Electromechanical Relay with Enhanced Operational Visibility and Efficiency

October 12, 2023

– Industry automation solutions provider Omron Automation Americas adds advancements to its’ panel solutions with the new MY-GS-R relay. The MY-GS-R relay comes with the latest addition of the mechanical operation indicator that displays the visual operation of the relay. The MY-GS-R relay is equipped with vibration-resistant Push-In Plus terminals to remove the need to perform periodic maintenance on wire terminals. The MY-GS-R continues to include Omron’s Panel Solutions features that are designed with a uniform height, width, depth, and component spacing to optimize panel space usage. These unified component dimensions can save up to 50% panel space which allows for customers to fit more devices into the same amount of space.

The source of this news is from Omoron

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