Omron and Neura form cognitive robot alliance

April 05, 2024

METZINGEN, Germany and PLEASANTON, Calif. — Neura Robotics, a global pioneer in cognitive robotics, and Omron Robotics and Safety Technologies Inc., a global leader in industrial robotics and automation, are excited to announce their strategic partnership. The strategic connection between OMRON and Neura Robotics is a milestone in the history of industrial automation. It brings us a significant step closer to our goal of revolutionizing the global robotics market. Beyond technological advancement, the partnership between Omron Robotics and Safety Technologies and Neura Robotics is driven by a shared vision. OMRON, committed to changing lives and contributing to a better society, finds resonance in Neura's mission of serving humanity through groundbreaking robotics technologies.

The source of this news is from Omoron

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