Omron announces Valiant TMS as Certified Systems Integrator partner

May 16, 2022

HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill., March 1, 2022 -- Omron Automation Americas recently announced Valiant TMS as a new partner in its Certified Systems Integrator program. Valiant TMS has been a full-service, global supplier of intelligent automation solutions in the automotive, aerospace, and heavy industry sectors for over 62 years. A leader in digital transformation and Industry 4.0 integration, Valiant TMS has the systems, processes, resources, and capacity that make them an ideal partner. Omron's Certified System Integrator programThe Omron Certified Systems Integrator program matches best-in-class solution providers with the technology, training, and resources required to deliver innovative and competitive solutions. For Omron, systems integrators play a critical role in designing and delivering fully integrated automation solutions.

The source of this news is from Omoron

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