Omron Automation Americas | New K7TM Heater Condition Monitor from Omron reduces downtime and product waste by detecting early deterioration in heaters

October 11, 2022

Hoffman Estates, IL., Industry leading automation solution provider Omron Automation Americas recently launched a new heater condition monitor that supports predictive maintenance by preventing heater failure. It allows engineers and maintenance managers monitor heater condition and reduce unplanned downtime in automotive, food and commodity, semiconductor, and electronic industries. When heater deterioration goes unnoticed, it can lead to excess product waste and costly machine downtime. Omron’s K7TM Heater Condition Monitor makes this possible by measuring resistance values while a heater is active (as opposed to manual inspections, in which the heater must be turned off). The latest in Omron’s predictive maintenance product line, the K7TM works with any resistance-type heater, including sheathed, cartridge, band, cast, silicon carbide, and ceramic heaters.

The source of this news is from Omoron