Stockholm psychologist creates “depressed robot” for psychotherapy training

May 16, 2022

Psychotherapy is frequently one of the first forms of treatment patients meet – but it is also a notoriously hard discipline to practice and perfect due to a lack of “standardized patients”, i.e. Robert Johansson, Associate Professor of Psychology at Stockholm University, and Furhat Robotics have developed a robot which simulates a depressed patient and can be used for safe, standardized psychotherapy training. In addition, Furhat Robotics have published a video that gives more details about the partnership. Furhat is the perfect robot for this purpose as it triggers your attachment system in a way no other form of technology can.” About Furhat Robotics: Furhat Robotics is a Conversational AI and Social Robotics startup that has developed the world’s most advanced social robotics platform. Based in Stockholm, Sweden and born out of a research project at KTH, Furhat has already won many scientific and innovation awards.

The source of this news is from Furhat Robotics