Technology in the service of public safety

March 04, 2023

“Our communities deserve to have the best technology in the hands of their public safety professionals,” said Will Huddler, VP of Public Safety Operations at BRINC and former SWAT Commander at Las Vegas Metro Police Department. When communication is maintained, lives are saved.”The BRINC Ball is water resistant and durable, tested to survive 10-foot drops onto concrete. The BRINC Ball Protection and Data Plan costs $49/month which includes a SIM card, data and a replacement plan. For more information about all the BRINC Ball features, to purchase a unit, or to request a unit for testing and evaluation, please visit: BRINCBRINC is an American technology company set on developing and deploying technology in the service of public safety. Officially founded in early 2021, BRINC has since introduced the LEMUR S drone system, deployed by over 250 public safety agencies globally, and has grown to over 100 employees.

The source of this news is from BRINC

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