The hub of the local robotics industry

July 26, 2022

Ori is one of over 100 young companies MassRobotics has supported since its founding in 2014. Bringing an industry togetherTheobald first got the idea to start a robotics organization when he was giving a tour of his company Vecna Robotics to former CSAIL director Rodney Brooks. “Before MassRobotics, robotics startups were creating amazing technologies, but they couldn’t easily break through to a commercialized product, because even if you have a working prototype, you can’t ship anything, and investors want to see validation,” Saad says. “At commencement, [President L. Rafael Reif] gave a message that I’ll never forget: He said, ‘Go hack the world,’” says Saad, who also recently launched an investment firm for early-stage robotics companies called Cybernetix Ventures. The program includes six months of education during weekends or summer vacation and a guaranteed internship at a local robotics company.

The source of this news is from Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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