Transforming Rail Operations Through Automated Robotic Inspection

December 27, 2023

Original article by Benjamin Bitoun, published in VerkehrsMonitorThanks to innovative technologies such as the ANYmal inspection robot, rail freight transport is experiencing a significant change in safety and efficiency standards. Its approach to inspecting wagons, moving from traditional methods to advanced robotic assistance, is an important step towards improving rail safety. railCare Enhances Safety and Efficiency with ANYmalrailCare initiated the use of robots for the inspection of freight wagons. In a pilot project in Domat/Ems, ANYmal, the autonomous inspection robot from ANYbotics, is being used to overcome the limitations of human inspection. Improve Efficiency: Robotic inspections are faster and more thorough than manual checks, increasing productivity.

The source of this news is from ANY Botics

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