“Turbocharging will become even more important for a net zero world” – podcast with Accelleron’s Daniel Bischofberger

July 22, 2022

In the latest episode of ABB Decoded podcast, Daniel Bischofberger, CEO of Accelleron (formerly ABB Turbocharging), discusses how turbochargers are accelerating industry’s sustainable transformation. To decarbonize shipping, for instance, turbochargers are critical to improve the efficiency of engines, thus reducing fuel consumption. As future fuels become increasingly available, improving engine efficiency will be more important as these fuels will be more expensive than fossil fuels in the beginning. “There is a misperception in most people's minds that the net zero world and combustion engines do not go together. It might be surprising but engines with high performing turbochargers in marine and power segments will become even more important in a net zero world,” adds Bischofberger.

The source of this news is from ABB

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