Unified Drone Operations with BRINC LiveOps

March 21, 2024

LiveOps integrates with the BRINC hardware ecosystem, including LEMUR 2, BRINC Ball, and future drones, to provide teams with a unified platform for live streaming drone video feeds, communicating during crisis situations, storing evidence, and managing drone operations. This works beyond a single drone, with LiveOps users being able to arrange all connected BRINC drones to be viewable on a single screen. Real-time floor plans are built to streamline tactical workflows:Informed Before Entry – Gain a clear understanding of the area layout before deploying officers to make entry. Emergency Planning with Saved Floor Plans – Quickly access digital floor plans from past scans by address or map view. You can learn more about BRINC LiveOps and how it can help your agency at our dedicated LiveOps page here, or contact a BRINC representative through the button below to see a demo of LiveOps and the BRINC ecosystem in person.

The source of this news is from BRINC