Yuneec and Mobilicom form Strategic Partnership for the Commercial & Federal Drone Market – Yuneec

May 17, 2023

Yuneec International and Mobilicom have entered into a strategic partnership to offer the Enterprise and Federal market new advanced solutions for their unmanned aerial needs. High End Security & Interference AvoidanceThe Commercial & Federal drone solutions will provide a highly secure offering that includes High-End validated encryption, Dedicated and ISM Frequency Bands, Software Defined Radio or LTE + Secured Server Data Links and ISM jamming resistance. The joint solutions will prove cost-effective while providing the Commercial & Federal market with the necessary features in order to execute its operations. Mobilicom’s CEO, Oren Elkayam, commented: “SkyHopper brings a high-end, End-to-End solution for the government, federal and commercial market, embedded into Yuneec’s mass marketed proven commercial drone system. This offering serves as an unmatchable, cost-effective drone solution for the Commercial and Federal market.”Further details and specifications of the solutions will be announced shortly.

The source of this news is from Yuneec

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