YUNEEC & FoxFury Lighting Solutions Expand Public Safety Solutions – Yuneec

December 14, 2022

“We have already commenced selling the Payload Delivery System©, and D100 solutions to its value-added resellers, Public Safety, and First Responder entities across the US with great results”, said Phil Mann, General Manager of ATL Americas | YUNEEC. The H520E hexacopter provides the best stability in winds up to 45 mph and has the ability to sustain the loss of a motor and complete its mission. “FoxFury has provided safety lighting solutions for over 16 years to the public safety industry. The partnership with ATL | YUNEEC and the H520E platform is ideal as it provides unlimited possibilities to assist critical missions easily. Using the Payload Delivery System©, H520E operators can deliver medical packages and other essential items while the D100 spotlight uses 2,300 lumens of directed light from up to 200’ to identify objects or persons in need.” – Mario Cugini, CEO, FoxFury Lighting Solutions

The source of this news is from Yuneec

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